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Entrepreneurs, marketers and business owners who want to learn more about the business scene in the state of New York now have a new resource at their disposal. is a brand new business directory which helps professionals access heaps of data. All information about local businesses is presented on a simple, user-friendly interface. is a functional database which helps its users get a good sense of the market in the state of New York.

A few clicks are enough to access comprehensive company profiles which include plenty of essential information about businesses located in a given area. Users can asses a particular company, or take a broader view on the business scene in an area – like a town or region – located in the state of New York. has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It doesn't look similar to other business directories with their complex structures and plenty of data hidden from view. was created with users in mind and serves the needs of entrepreneurs and market analysts who want to learn more about businesses in New York.

Users can find information about all types of companies: large, mid-sized and small enterprises if these are located or registered in the state of New York. constantly updates this data to keep its users in the loop about any changes on the business scene.

But how can entrepreneurs understand the complex and dynamic business scene of New York with the help of isn't a typical business directory. These often include limited or outdated information which doesn't help users to get an accurate picture of companies.

Instead, offers a wide range of data to help its users explore relevant businesses. The more information a user adds to their search query, the more relevant the search results they'll get. The functional search engine which is part of helps to make any search quick and efficient.

What kind of company data is featured on

The company profiles featured on offer users exhaustive information about relevant businesses. Entrepreneurs can check data such as the company's name (DOS process name), company type, its full address, date of establishment, and jurisdiction.

Each profile also includes critical data about the company's management. Users can also see the name of the company's CEO and their contact data.

But that's not all. also shows information about the company's registered agent, featuring their name and address for users' convenience.

Entrepreneurs can see the company's DCA license details which includes information such as the business name, DCS license number, license type, category and expiration date, full address and other details.

For example, checking a company called Sarabeth's Tribeca, LLC, users will find the following details section: “Sidewalk Cafe Type: Unenclosed, Square Feet: 300, Tables: 12, Chairs: 26”. That kind of detailed information is valuable to those who want to learn more about the local market and the kinds of businesses operating in the area.

Searching for information on is simple and intuitive thanks to the smart interface combined with a functional search engine.

How to search for companies on

Entrepreneurs who want to find particular information about a company or businesses in an area can type in its name, city, postal code, or choose one of the company categories available in a drop-down list. For example, adding a zip code and chooses a category such as Domestic Limited Liability Company, users will get a list of companies that match their query and are located in that particular area in the state of New York. clearly puts the needs of users first. And that's what makes the database so original – instead of getting lost in complex structures full of rudimentary data, users can easily find the information they need and learn more about the market in the state of New York.