Pharmacy in Ireland

There are over 1800 pharmacies situated in all Ireland. Both their high number and working hours, also on weekends, make most of them easily accessible to clients from central as well as more peripherial areas. The units employ qualified, professional pharmacists who always serve their clients to the best of their knowledge and experience. The pharamacies offer a wide range of refundable and non-refundable medicines and other medical supplies at affordable prices, often creating attractive discounts. Clients can also count on the specialist advice on cheaper equivalent substitutes to more expensive medicines. They care about their clients' safety, therefore the prescribed medicines are sold only on the basis of doctors' prescriptions. Apart from their professional expertise, the pharmacists and technitians also offer their kind services always bearing in mind their clients' comfort and good well-being.

County Pharmacy
Carlow 24
Cavan 32
Clare 46
Cork 211
Donegal 59
Dublin 246
Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown 87
Fingal 75
Galway 104
Kerry 62
Kildare 72
Kilkenny 37
Laois 31
Leitrim 15
Limerick 87
Longford 19
Louth 57
Mayo 58
Meath 56
Monaghan 21
Offaly 26
Roscommon 25
Sligo 29
South Dublin 71
Tipperary 70
Waterford 47
Westmeath 39
Wexford 46
Wicklow 50