Effortless Canada corporations search with is a brand new virtual resource, perfect for inquisitive researchers. Business owners, corporate research analysts, individual clients and entrepreneurs have a solid database of knowledge about Canadian companies now at their disposal.

Added: 05.12.2017

New Bizset Database Offers Comprehensive Listing of US Companies

New web-based company Bizset has launched a website that contains complete and up-to-date contact information for US-based corporations. Users are now able to search for addresses, various contact information, maps, and other practical information at

Added: 15.11.2017

New standard for statistical data online with Datastical

In 2016 over 3 billion people worldwide used the Internet on a regular basis. We mostly searched for weather updates and translations, but on the top of the list there are also searches related to finding contact details to companies located in particular areas. There is no denying that the Internet is a powerful knowledge database on a variety of topics.

Added: 20.10.2017 – brand new online database for New Zealand businesses

Whether you are looking to explore business opportunities in your area or conducting market research on local New Zealand companies, you can do it much faster and more efficiently with This revolutionary platform utilizes cutting-edge technologies to put together information about businesses operating in New Zealand and deliver them in the most user-friendly form imaginable.

Added: 05.05.2017

New York company data made available at

Entrepreneurs, marketers and business owners who want to learn more about the business scene in the state of New York now have a new resource at their disposal. is a brand new business directory which helps professionals access heaps of data.

Added: 15.03.2017 – an innovative gateway to US businesses

Even if the Internet permeates literally every aspect of our daily lives, many users still experience a considerable gap between the virtual and non-virtual reality. The web often fails to keep up with the rapid development and changes happening in the urban infrastructure. Fortunately, users can now get a firmer grasp on this type of information with, a brand new portal which offers key data about all brick-and-mortar shops located in the US.

Added: 07.10.2016

UK postcode finder takes the online directory scene by storm

 Nobody can deny the internet is an excellent source of information about any given topic. But when it comes to physical reality, the web is still lagging behind. Users interested in finding practical data about their local shops and service providers will probably turn to their search engines and browse online business directories. And the latter are nearly always hard to navigate and feature data which might be outdated or simply fragmentary.

Added: 22.07.2016


New source of Australian business data at AuBiz

Australian consumers looking for a reliable source of business data are in luck. AuBiz is a functional and user-friendly directory which provides key data about every single company located and operating in Australia. What sets AuBiz apart from other online directories is the emphasis its creators put on usability and user experience.

Added: 24.02.2016


UK Business Directors Information Now Available at

Looking for business information about company structures and top executives, users usually end up on online business directories which are neither easy nor pleasant to use. Most often they're built in a non user-friendly way and consumers find it hard to navigate through their complex labyrinthine structures.

Added: 04.12.2015

shopping – one step closer to data on brick-and-mortar stores

It's amazing how the web still proves to be way too complex and inadequate when it comes to searching information about opening times of local brick-and-mortar shops, restaurants and services. Many users find the task of finding such information simply daunting – especially if the data in question is about a local branch of a store or restaurant chain . Fortunately, comes to their rescue – this brand new platform helps to find key practical informational about such ventures in a matter of seconds.

Added: 23.07.2015


Resources to Guide Us Through the Meanders of Education in England and Poland

During the last few years we've seen a gradual growth of online resources that help to guide us through various aspects of our lives at any time and any place. Education has fortunately not been left out from this development and nowadays we can count on various services to facilitate our school choice by granting access to heaps of informative statistical data that would otherwise be hard to acquire and analyze. Parents in England and Poland can now easily choose from multitudes of schooling options thanks to the arrival of and, both devoted to exploring the meanders of the education systems of their respective countries.

Added: 18.02.2014

Best Edu Sites Ranking 2013

Best Edu Sites 2013 in Ireland - Check Out TOP10 Ranking

Remember our Best Edu Websites contest? As promised, we’ve looked through all educational sites in the Irish Internet country and selected the Best 10. You can trust these sites to bring you the best education-related content in the Irish Web!

Added: 10.09.2013

Best Irish Edu Sites Ranking 2013

What makes a perfect edu website? Brace up for Best Irish Edu Sites Ranking 2013!

Stay tuned as we will soon publish a list of Top10 educational websites in Ireland that met the above-mentioned criteria best and outrank others or, even better, are a perfect combination of all those elements.

Added: 22.07.2013

primary school principals

Primary school principals in Ireland admit they are on medication because of stress

Recent surveys made by An Irish Primary Principals' Network (IPPN) revealed that up to half of primary principals in Ireland has some work-related health issues and admits they are on medication.

Added: 12.02.2013


Bullying remains a serious problem in Irish primary and post-primary schools

Newest research has shown that a quarter of young Irish, age nine to sixteen, experience some form of bullying. The alarming fact is that the level of harassment in Irish schools is above the EU average, and that Irish teenagers find it more difficult to cope with the problem than their peers in other EU countries.

Added: 12.02.2013

rent a school book

School book rental can be one of the solutions to help cutting the expenses of children's education in Ireland

The term 'free education' has lost its literate meaning a long time ago and nowadays every parent is aware of the fact that the education of their children generates various kinds of expenses.

Added: 10.02.2013