Cavan Institute

Address: Cathedral Road Cavan County: Cavan
Province: Ulster Phone: 0494332633 Email: [email protected] Website:
Rollnumber: 76087R Enrolment Boys: 560 Ethos: Inter Denominational Enrolment Girls: 763 Gender: Mixed Enrolment Total: 1323 Lang: No Subjects Taught Through Irish
Latitude: 54°0' 1.45" N Longitude: -7°21' 27.75" W
Cavan Institute is the Post-Primary Education facility in the county Cavan. Our sources indicate it is the twenty ninth Education facility in the district and it is on first position in its region counted by number of students. Now there are one thousand and three hundred and twenty three students, there are more girls in this establishment. It's an mixed education facility with English language. More data from this school is available on their www Prefered way to contact them is by their telephone number 0494332633 and by their email address [email protected]. According to the latest data this place was ruled by Ann Marie Lacey. Other data can be found by searching using this education facility Roll number: 76087R . There are many other similar schools in the local area for example: Breifne College - distance 1.4km, St Bricin's Vocational School - distance 13.2km and Largy College - distance 22.9km.


Cavan Institute Enrolment


Cavan Institute Enrolment

Year Girls Boys Total
2002 557 123 680
2003 663 156 819
2004 756 173 929
2005 840 185 1025
2006 958 210 1168
2008 914 377 1291
2009 1055 527 1582
2010 992 653 1645
2011 762 561 1323

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