What makes a perfect edu website? Brace up for Best Irish Edu Sites Ranking 2013!

Best Irish Edu Sites Ranking 2013

The Web is the new king. Things went viral these days and we won't avoid it. Kids stay away from libraries in favor of online encyclopedias. However, we should not give vent to our discontent. It's better to make use of what the Internet actually offers.

Kids have migrated to the Internet. Well, frankly they were just following our, meaning adults', footsteps. And just like they see the Web as source of both fun and learning, we can make use of various edu websites, too.

What makes a good edu website? That's a challenging question, as there's a plethora of different sites around the Web. So, we tried to group them into the following categories:

  1. School inspection websites. Even though Irish schools do rank very high in the overall ranks, we won't touch some of them with a bare pole. Fortunately, in case the word of mouth does not suffice, you can always rely on school ranks websites. We assessed these on the basis of content clarity, for instance. No one has time to go through big chunks of text, so it's always a good idea to publish everything in forms of graphs or tables showing the achievement rates of particular schools. Other than that, its reliability of the sources of information the websites used.

  2. Teaching resources. At some point every teacher runs out of inspiration for their classes. Not only that, even the best tutors do forget things from the curriculum. Fortunately, a perfect educational website would lend a helping hand in that case. And this is what we were looking for – sites containing materials that may be of interest to teachers.

  3. Exam repetition websites. This may be hard to accept but let's face it. Most kids hit the books only when the exams are near. Well, the word books may sound obsolete, so replace it by the Internet. In this case, it was the content reliability that we looked upon. To put it another way, the perfect educational website wouldn't just quote one of the most popular online encyclopedias, but rather base on reliable sources, like paperback books.

  4. Educational websites for everyone. No matter if you're a teacher, student, or a parent, there are some educational websites that may interest you in any case. These would not only consists of learning or teaching materials, but also some sections for parents, like tips on choosing a school. It goes without saying that school inspection websites many a time meet that particular criterion, too. Don't forget that a website full of educational stuff only would certainly bore you to tears. So, sites targeted at students should also consist of some entertainment sections, like tips on where to go for holiday.

Got your attention? Stay tuned as we will soon publish a list of Top10 educational websites in Ireland that met the above-mentioned criteria best and outrank others or, even better, are a perfect combination of all those elements.