Localpeek.co.uk takes the online directory scene by storm

 Nobody can deny the internet is an excellent source of information about any given topic. But when it comes to physical reality, the web is still lagging behind. Users interested in finding practical data about their local shops and service providers will probably turn to their search engines and browse online business directories. And the latter are nearly always hard to navigate and feature data which might be outdated or simply fragmentary.


Localpeek.co.uk is a platform which addresses this consumer need by offering practical data about neighbourhoods, including local restaurants, shops, healthcare providers or businesses. Users who need to quickly search for this type of information will benefit from this smart new platform – mainly because all key data is organized through postal codes.


Using this smart method to categorize data, Localpeek.co.uk helps users to efficiently search information about services located in the area covered by a specific post code.


How does Localpeek.co.uk work? Users basically type in a postal code. That's all it takes to generate an interactive map where all relevant spots are marked with clear category signs. Clicking on a specific section, users can see all shops and providers operating in the postal code area.


Those looking for specific healthcare providers can use Localpeek.co.uk to check practices ranging from local dentists to ambulances. Easy access to such information is critical – especially if users need to find the right facility in a matter of seconds. Every healthcare profile includes a complete addresses, provider type, distance from current location and updated phone numbers.


Localpeek.co.uk works for school research as well, relevant to the needs of parents looking for the right schooling institution for their children. The platform shows all local schools, including information about their rank in compilations for different education levels.


Those interested in local businesses can use Localpeek.co.uk as well, since the platform lists all banks and companies that operate in a given area. Business profiles include information like complete addresses, as well as phone and fax numbers to help users easily reach out to these companies.


Users who would like to explore the best local restaurants can use the platform as well. Localpeek.co.uk shows all eateries and cafes operating in the area covered by a postal code – together with their addresses, distance from current user location and their rating, which is displayed together with its date to make it even more functional.


Localpeek.co.uk is also practical for touristic research – its map covers some of the best sights and attractions in any neighbourhood. Users can also learn about different statistical data – for instance its total population or complete list of addresses. All things considered, Localpeek.co.uk is a great source of quality information about any UK neighbourhood.


Helping users to easily access this kind of practical data, Localpeek.co.uk is about to change the online directory scene. The emphasis on practical information and clear layout both make Localpeek.co.uk into a functional resource for exploring neighbourhoods all over the UK.