Resources to Guide Us Through the Meanders of Education in England and Poland

PupilsDuring the last few years we've seen a gradual growth of online resources that help to guide us through various aspects of our lives at any time and any place. Education has fortunately not been left out from this development and nowadays we can count on various services to facilitate our school choice by granting access to heaps of informative statistical data that would otherwise be hard to acquire and analyze. Parents in England and Poland can now easily choose from multitudes of schooling options thanks to the arrival of and, both devoted to exploring the meanders of the education systems of their respective countries.


How Data Opens Our Minds

When choosing a school for our children, we tend to focus on the school's location and its benefits, rather than its teaching performance or the educational facilities it offers. Most of the time, we're simply unable to collect data like that and, more importantly, we lack the time to do so. Fortunately, with the inclusion of brand new online resources in our daily lives, our ways of choosing schools for our children can radically change and, instead of concentrating on aspects like location or local opinions, focus on statistical data that will consequently generate an informative and unbiased profile of our school of choice. That way, we might find options that we previously brushed off as unimportant or too difficult to bother, but that can consequently greatly benefit our children in their future lives.


How to Check a School in Our Neighborhood

Navigating through the statistics presented at, as well as, is a piece of cake. The schools are categorized according to their location - for every region, county and city, both services can generate a list of kindergartens, primary, secondary and high schools, allowing us to see how many schools are located in our neighborhood. Once we decide upon a school, we can check a wide set of data, starting from the basic information on the institution, such as its address, precise geographical location and the name of its headmaster, to a more advanced set of statistical data covering the school's overall performance on key level tests. features information on key level test scores, including both general results, as well as scores by subject like English or math., on the other hand, features data on the general secondary level tests and, more importantly, on the graduation exams, which are essential if one wants to pursue their academic career and get into a university.


The Value of Standardized Tests

While nowadays the concept of standardized testing is opposed by many scientists and scholars, until now there can be found no better indication of a school's teaching level then average scores at key level exams. By granting access to both the most recent as well as past test results, and bring us closer to the reality of our country’s schooling system, allowing us to assess the real value of education provided by our school of choice in contrast with other institutions located in our vicinity. Thanks to this innovation, we can be sure to choose the right school at every step of the education of our children.

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