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Looking for business information about company structures and top executives, users usually end up on online business directories which are neither easy nor pleasant to use. Most often they're built in a non user-friendly way and consumers find it hard to navigate through their complex labyrinthine structures. is a brand new business directory which proves that complex content doesn't have to go together with bad user interface. The platform offers a comprehensive selection of business data, helping users to easily navigate through the pages and conduct a thorough managing director check to find the information they are looking for. is a directory focused on providing key company information by means of the names of top executives and managers leading all kinds of enterprises located in the UK. Typing the name of a company or person, users can see a comprehensive list of results. Once they choose a managing director profile, they'll see data such as general information about the person, their age, date of birth, nationality and address. Users can learn when this person has been appointed as the managing director of a company and when they resigned from the post, if they did.

Moreover, helps to trace the career path of directors by checking their work history and identifying who were their main co-workers. shows periods of time when these professionals have worked together – that's a piece of information users cannot find even on LinkedIn. also provides access to a range of company details, including its full name, address, category and Sic code. Insights into financial data can be easily constructed by checking company filings of the organization which include its annual return and full list of members.

This kind of data is useful to a wide group of web users. Professionals can check whether a company can be trusted in partnership, conduct a thorough market research or simply have a look at the financial situation of their main competitors. Regular internet users can find crucial data about businesses that can be useful when applying for a job such as its internal structure or state of finances. Journalists writing profiles of accomplished businessmen can research their career path with just a few clicks. Researchers can delve into a wide variety of industries and check the fluctuations in the internal lives of companies. shows that heaps of complex business information can be perfectly hidden behind a clear user interface, rendering business research easy and intuitive.

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