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Doctor Karen Anne Breen Dublin 11

Haematologist in Dublin 11

County: Dublin 11 Registration Number: 23662 Registration Date: 2001-07-02 Registration Type: Specialist Registration
First Name: Karen Anne Surname: Breen Title: Dr. Gender: Female
Primary Qualification: Abbreviation: MB BCh U Dubl University: University of Dublin Date of conferral: 23rd of June 2000 Description: Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery
Division - Pathology: Speciality: Haematologist Subdivision: Haematology (Clinical and Laboratory) From date: 23rd of June 2011
Dr. Karen Anne Breen - listed with Specialist Registration run by General Medical Register under registration number 23662. She is one of sixty three doctors of medicine registered in the area of Dublin 11 county. Dr. Karen Anne Breen achieved her qualifications of Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery from University of Dublin with one thousand and two hundred and thirty second medical practitioners completed education 2000. Doctor Breen also underwent specialist training in Haematologist two years ago.