Registered Doctors in Dublin 1 county

Doctors in Dublin 1

name speciality registration date
Dr. Abdul Raiz Abdul Ramesh 1st of July 2009
Dr. Ali Ibrahim 15th of June 2010
Dr. Allan Cherian Varughese 21st of May 2008
Dr. Anna Margaret Dillon 22nd of July 2011
Dr. Azlena Binti Ali 9th of June 2009
Dr. Clifford Lamptey 1st of July 2005
Dr. Fatima Al Oraifi 1st of July 2008
Dr. Fatimatuzzahrah Aziz Jamaludin 9th of June 2008
Dr. Fiona Roche 1st of July 2006
Dr. Grace Yixin Chan 28th of June 2011
Dr. Ian Michael David Martin 1st of January 2009
Dr. Imran Johan Meurling 1st of July 2009
Dr. Kai Ching Peter Leung 10th of June 2009
Dr. Kevin Molloy 1st of July 2009
Dr. Laurence Patrick Cunningham 16th of July 1998
Dr. Michael Sean Molloy 1st of July 1995
Dr. Mohamed Abdalrahman Mohamed Ahmed 9th of July 2010
Dr. Natasha Paramanathan 1st of January 2007
Dr. Nik Aimee Azizah Faheem 9th of June 2010
Dr. Piotr Wojciechowski 20th of June 2007
Dr. Rabab Abdulrahman Hasan A. Almansoori 23rd of June 2010
Dr. Ronald Min Zaw Myint 16th of June 2010
Dr. Ronald Yoon Kong Chin 23rd of March 2011
Dr. Ross Shane Ardill 1st of July 1994
Dr. Sarah Louise Picardo 1st of July 2007
Dr. Sheila Karen O'Connor 1st of July 2005
Dr. Shirley Anne McQuade 13th of October 1994
Dr. Sweni Rajen Shah 5th of July 2011
Dr. Syed Waqar Ahmed Shah 1st of July 2004
Dr. Thomas Gerard Matthews 1st of July 1980
Dr. Yetunde Opeyemi Faluyi 1st of July 2007
Dr. Yie Roei Chee 1st of January 2009