Doctors in Dublin 12 county

Doctors in Dublin 12

name speciality registration date
Dr. Amy Patricia Lee Kwee Lan Lee Chong 3rd of July 2000
Dr. Anand Kumar B P 21st of April 2008
Dr. Bernadette Angela White 29th of September 1989
Dr. Ciara O'Rafferty 18th of February 2010
Dr. David Michael Coleman 26th of November 2003
Dr. Florence Mary Catherine King 28th of July 1992
Dr. Frederick Mary Shackleton 13th of July 1981
Dr. Gerard Paul Moran 17th of February 1992
Dr. Hayat Osama Elseed Ahmed Elfil 1st of July 2006
Dr. John Lawrence Twomey 1st of August 1994
Dr. Kar Leong Low 1st of July 1992
Dr. Komudi Singh 26th of May 2008
Dr. Lorcan Joseph Martin 2nd of July 1990
Dr. Maria Dominguez 25th of October 2000
Dr. Maria Jane Tempany 7th of July 2011
Dr. Mary Margaret Peyton 19th of April 2000
Dr. Mary Margareth Harte 1st of July 1998
Dr. Melissa Gaik Ming Ooi 9th of June 2011
Dr. Nada Mohamed Elbagir Ibrahim 8th of May 2007
Dr. Rowena Elizabeth Hughes 1st of September 2007
Dr. Salma Yousif Muktar Alamin 2nd of August 2012
Dr. Sean Seosamh Maire Walsh 23rd of July 2003
Dr. Sunitha R 3rd of January 2013
Dr. Yasir Yahia Al Hussein Muhammed 23rd of February 2009
Dr. Yasir Yousif Mokhtar Elamin 1st of January 2009
Dr. Zuhair Abdullah Ali Alhag 4th of February 2008