Doctors in Dublin 16 county

Doctors in Dublin 16

name speciality registration date
Dr. Abdel Bagi Ahmed Abdel Bagi Ahmed 1st of February 2005
Dr. Aditi Patil 2nd of July 2010
Dr. Ahmed Said Abu-Ajina 1st of July 1996
Dr. Aisha Mukhtar 1st of July 2008
Dr. Anna Elizabeth Smyth 6th of April 2010
Dr. Anna Mary Keane 25th of July 2008
Dr. Aoibhlinn Mary O'Toole 1st of July 2005
Dr. Boon Beng Shu 1st of July 2001
Dr. Brian James Fagan 21st of July 1989
Dr. Bruce Bernard Ashburner 3rd of July 2007
Dr. Carmel Mary Burke 21st of July 2005
Dr. Catherine Lorraine Parr 1st of July 2005
Dr. Catherine Mary Frances Henchion 13th of September 1989
Dr. Clare Noel Power 15th of July 2009
Dr. Colin Fernandez 3rd of July 2007
Dr. David Nolan 28th of June 2011
Dr. David Shahnazaryan 1st of July 2008
Dr. Deirdre Ann O'Rourke 3rd of July 2001
Dr. Eimear Ann Joyce 19th of June 2009
Dr. Elaine Mary Romano McDwyer 1st of July 1996
Dr. Eleanor Una Galvin 1st of July 1998
Dr. El Rasheed Balla Eltayb Omer 5th of November 2007
Dr. El Sadig Md Ahmed Saeed 21st of October 2004
Dr. Eric Roche 1st of July 2008
Dr. Fanchea Feely 14th of December 2009
Dr. Hugh Bernard Kearney 1st of July 2007
Dr. Ishtiaq Husain Zubairi 21st of May 2004
Dr. James Patrick McDonald 22nd of July 2010
Dr. Jarlath Joseph Mitchell 29th of July 1980
Dr. Jawad Ul Islam 22nd of March 2005
Dr. Jessica Barnes 27th of June 2011
Dr. John Desmond Molloy 18th of February 2010
Dr. Joseph MacAuley 1st of July 2007
Mr. Joseph Christopher McDonnell 9th of April 2009
Dr. Juliana Harun 1st of July 2002
Dr. Kate McNamara 3rd of July 2000
Dr. Katherine Eucharia Patricia Stroughair 12th of January 2011
Dr. Kirk Levins 21st of February 2011
Dr. Kok Jin Gan 19th of June 2009
Dr. Lawhad Hassan 23rd of March 2004
Dr. Madeline Ann Stringer 1st of July 1980
Dr. Mamdouh Abdel Aziz Ahmed 1st of January 2002
Dr. Marguerite Carter 19th of June 2012
Dr. Marion Dolores Duane 1st of July 2002
Dr. Mark Quinn 1st of July 2006
Dr. Mary Patricia Murphy 1st of July 2002
Dr. Michael Thomas Mullany 18th of March 2011
Dr. Mihai Horia E Vioreanu 1st of July 2005
Dr. Mohamed Hoosan Carrim 1st of July 1989
Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Azab 16th of October 2002
Mr. Mohd Azli Hisham Abdul Aziz 31st of July 2008
Dr. Moira Woolfson 1st of July 1980
Dr. Muhamad Jasim Mousa Al Mousawi 1st of January 2007
Dr. Natalia Bratu 14th of May 2008
Dr. Ngi Chiw Teo 14th of February 1986
Dr. Peter Balatincz 14th of November 2012
Dr. Peter Darryl Counsel 6th of May 2011
Dr. Rachel Eleanor Harnett 1st of July 1996
Dr. Ragab Ibrahim Abdel-Hamid El-Sayed 1st of July 2000
Dr. Rhona Marie Kilcoyne 23rd of March 2007
Dr. Richard Joseph Harris 1st of July 1980
Dr. Ronan St. John Donohoe 9th of July 1998
Dr. Rosalea Agnes Watters 1st of July 1980
Dr. Sheila Dorothy O'Meehan 1st of July 1980
Dr. Susan Mary Pio Aherne 6th of July 2001
Dr. Thomas F. J. King 1st of July 2004
Dr. Trevor James Clarke 1st of July 2003
Dr. Willem Adolph Van Aarde 28th of October 2003
Dr. William Francis O'Brien 11th of July 1980