Registered Doctors in Dublin 24 county

Doctors in Dublin 24

name speciality registration date
Dr. Abdulla Khamis Abdulla Al-Ajami 1st of January 2009
Dr. Ahmed Alghali Imam Mohamed 30th of June 2010
Dr. Albina Chorcol Malinauskiene 4th of September 2007
Dr. Alexander James Lockley 16th of August 2007
Dr. Ali Abd-Alkhuzir Aziz Alshareefy 10th of August 2007
Dr. Anas M El-Sibaei 12th of July 2006
Dr. Anna Waclawa Michasik 7th of January 2010
Dr. Arabella Fahy 1st of July 1993
Dr. Asim Bilal 10th of August 2010
Dr. Azubuike Chizolum Orji 20th of April 2007
Dr. Barkat Ullah Khan 1st of July 2003
Mr. Bejoy Philip 27th of November 2006
Dr. Brian Joesph Maher 13th of October 1994
Dr. Chee Siong Wong 1st of January 2009
Dr. Chibuike Sunday Samuel 2nd of November 2007
Dr. Chizoba Susana Orji 23rd of May 2011
Dr. Dzulkarnain Enolil Mustapha Khalil 27th of February 2008
Dr. Edward Gerard Cosgrove 13th of August 1982
Dr. Elmuntasir Mahmoud Hassan Mahmoud 1st of July 2004
Dr. Emily Boyle 18th of February 2010
Dr. Gabriela Mariana Sorin 1st of July 2008
Dr. Gareth Daniel Shields 13th of May 2005
Dr. Gerard Coffey 1st of July 1980
Dr. Immanuel Hennessy 10th of June 2009
Dr. Izhar Ahmed 16th of October 2006
Dr. Jarlath Christopher Bolger 10th of June 2009
Dr. Kamran Bashir 1st of January 2006
Dr. Khawaja Muhammad Nadeem 13th of September 2004
Dr. Linda Marie Mulligan 1st of July 2003
Dr. Mary Teresa McMorrow 1st of July 1980
Dr. Muhammad Asif Raza Shah 6th of February 2004
Dr. Munir Khalil Elbashir Ibrahim 19th of October 2006
Dr. Najat Omer Salim 12th of December 2008
Dr. Niall Conroy 9th of December 2011
Dr. Noorsyakira Binti Osman 30th of June 2009
Dr. Omar Said Abdelrahman Mansour 1st of July 2004
Dr. Peter Odianosen Ibadin 17th of September 2007
Dr. Philip Aran Brady 1st of July 2001
Dr. Rania Haydar 19th of June 2009
Dr. Sean Patrick McCarthy 30th of June 1982
Dr. Shane O Neill 6th of July 2011
Dr. Soon Tjin Lim 30th of November 2009
Dr. Suchinderjit Singh 16th of April 2008
Dr. Tarig Merghani Mohammed Suliman 1st of July 2008
Dr. Thomas Robert Joseph Quigley 1st of July 1980
Dr. Vincent Chukwuma Osunkwo 24th of August 2007
Dr. Yu Ka Lung Carrel 8th of May 2012