Doctors in Dublin 7 county

Doctors in Dublin 7

name speciality registration date
Dr. Abirami Subramaniam 25th of June 2009
Dr. Ahmed Suhail Kadium Abd Al Zubiady 7th of November 2011
Dr. Allan Jeremiah McCarthy 1st of July 2003
Dr. Andre Costa Pozza 31st of December 2009
Dr. Andreea Mona Pavel 12th of April 2011
Dr. Anne Marthe Grislingas 5th of November 2012
Dr. Anthony Meredith Corcoran 8th of September 1997
Dr. Aonghus Lavelle 14th of December 2009
Dr. Arun Subramanian 14th of January 2013
Dr. Catherine Mary Elizabeth Crowe 27th of October 1994
Dr. Clodagh Power 29th of June 2009
Dr. Deirdre Mary Hussey 1st of July 2008
Dr. Dermot Michael O'Malley Phelan 1st of July 1980
Dr. Eimear-Kathleen Walsh 1st of July 2009
Dr. Elena Antoaneta Dudu 10th of March 2011
Dr. Estelle I.F. Ogbebor 1st of July 2004
Dr. Eugene Gerard Breen 1st of July 1981
Dr. Eva Mc Dermott 16th of June 2010
Dr. Firas Fuad Salem Ayoub 1st of July 2008
Dr. Firas Mohamed Osman 21st of March 2012
Dr. Jacqueline Maud McKee 31st of August 1983
Dr. James Oliver Murphy 10th of July 2001
Dr. Jennifer Catherine Donnelly 30th of June 1998
Dr. Josephine Zi Fen Soh 1st of July 2009
Dr. Karen Anne Cadoo 1st of July 2006
Dr. Karen Marian Redmond 10th of January 2013
Dr. Karl John Hans Neff 2nd of July 2007
Dr. Keith Ian Quintyne 14th of September 2005
Dr. Laura Murphy 6th of July 2011
Dr. Lech Maciej Kielpinski 24th of July 2006
Dr. Lloyd Richard Noon 25th of February 2013
Dr. Mark Robinson Ross Dougan 5th of June 2008
Dr. Martina Heredosova 5th of June 2007
Mr. Martin Gabriel Walsh 1st of July 1980
Dr. Min Yuen Teo 1st of July 2007
Dr. Namir Abdulgani Mohamed 15th of September 2006
Dr. Nuala Mary Augusta Healy 1st of July 1980
Dr. Orla Marie Dunne 1st of July 2004
Dr. Pamela Uchenna Ekeada 30th of June 2008
Dr. Paul Francis Kenna 1st of July 1980
Dr. Paul Martyn Munsanje 28th of October 2003
Dr. Peter Francis Kilmartin 1st of July 1996
Dr. Peter James McCanny 19th of March 2009
Dr. Philip Darcy 8th of July 2011
Dr. Rebecca Jane Haslam 1st of July 2007
Dr. Richard Collis 15th of June 2010
Dr. Roisin Mary Drury 1st of July 1980
Dr. Ruaidhri M. McVey 8th of July 2003
Dr. Ruairi McNicholas 7th of July 2011
Dr. Trevor Michael Kavanagh 1st of July 2006
Dr. Uzma Ghaffar 25th of July 2008
Dr. Zita Elizabeth Galvin 1st of July 2009