Registered Doctors in Waterford county

Doctors in Waterford

name speciality registration date
Dr. Abdel Haffez Mohd. Ahmed Mustafa 23rd of March 2004
Dr. Abdul Basit 9th of March 2004
Dr. Abdul Monem 9th of December 2003
Dr. Abeeda Butt 27th of March 2013
Dr. Adel Dafalla Abdulrazak 9th of September 1998
Dr. Adeniyi Adesanmi Adegbesan 11th of January 2007
Dr. Aftab Ahmed Jan 1st of July 2004
Dr. Ahmed Osama Hassan Mohamed Aiat 18th of February 2003
Dr. Aidan Michael Joseph Finnegan 9th of July 1990
Dr. Aimy Abdullah 5th of August 2009
Dr. Ali Raouf Chatharoo 28th of May 2010
Dr. Alison Gyan-Baffour 15th of September 2011
Dr. Amin Eltahir Medani Elshibly 2nd of January 2013
Dr. Ann Dolores Broderick 1st of July 1980
Dr. Anthony David Lee 4th of August 1982
Dr. Aymen Elmutasim Ahmed Eltayeb 17th of August 2012
Dr. Azhar Sarwar 1st of July 2008
Dr. Barbara Helena O'Malley-Walsh 1st of July 1980
Dr. Bartholomew Chigozie Duru 1st of January 2010
Dr. Behzad Ali 2nd of April 2001
Dr. Brian Hugh McLaughlin 1st of July 2001
Dr. Bridget Ann Mullen 1st of July 1980
Dr. Catherine Marguerite McDermott 13th of July 1988
Dr. Claire Dalton 1st of July 2006
Dr. Claire Maria Flahavan 1st of July 2005
Dr. Colleen Bernadette Heffernan 1st of July 2006
Dr. Cormac Martin McCart 17th of July 1985
Dr. Cornelius William O'Neill 18th of February 1997
Dr. Daniel Kollar 22nd of February 2012
Dr. David Peter Janes 19th of May 2005
Dr. Edith May Cosgrave 23rd of August 2006
Dr. El Fatih Hassan Abdel Rahim 17th of November 2008
Dr. Elizabeth Mary Gabriel Morrissey-Walsh 29th of March 1989
Dr. Enda Martin Anthony Sheehan 7th of April 1995
Dr. Eoin Gerard Maughan 1st of July 1980
Dr. Estera Joanna Igras 9th of November 2009
Dr. Fawzi Farid Mohamad Ali Yousif 15th of July 2011
Dr. Fawzi Moh. Ahmed Yousif 27th of November 2008
Dr. Fiodna Caitriona Cosgrove 1st of July 1980
Dr. Frederick Goldsmith Allya 1st of July 2002
Dr. Gert Petrus Johannes Marais 14th of February 2003
Dr. Hanora Anne Veale 1st of July 1980
Dr. Hassan Saleh Hassan Osman 30th of June 2008
Dr. Helena O' Neill 2nd of June 2010
Dr. Hendrik Lategan Smith 29th of May 2002
Dr. Ismail Ibrahim 19th of June 2009
Dr. Ita Bridget Creavin 9th of July 1984
Dr. Jan Mohamed 28th of March 1983
Dr. John Patrick Burke 8th of September 2005
Dr. John Patrick McElduff 1st of August 1987
Dr. John Peter Corrigan 20th of July 1982
Dr. John Thomas Gallagher 1st of July 1980
Dr. Kadajari Sivalingeswara Rao 19th of May 2005
Dr. Karl Wayne Robinson 28th of March 2001
Dr. Khairul Nazri Mohammad 1st of July 2001
Dr. Khalid Ali Khan 12th of November 2009
Dr. Leonard De Villiers 2nd of August 2006
Dr. Magdy Abdallah Gumaa Ahmed 1st of January 2007
Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Nabil Mahmoud Mustafa 1st of July 2004
Dr. Mansoor Nawaz Chaudhry 28th of June 2012
Dr. Marc Francois O'Reilly 4th of July 2007
Dr. Martin Ignatius O'Boyle 1st of July 1980
Dr. Mary Theresa Dennehy 13th of July 1983
Dr. Marzoog Eldaw Elwadee Elhassan 6th of March 2007
Dr. Melaine Maeve Marie O'Reilly 4th of July 2001
Dr. Melanie Johanna Kelly 8th of December 1988
Dr. Michael Aidan Griffin 1st of July 1981
Dr. Mirza Sabihuddin 28th of November 2005
Dr. Mohamed Shehata Mahmoud 10th of November 2004
Dr. Mohammad Shaheel Sahebally 1st of July 2009
Dr. Mohammed Osman Osman Abdel-Rahman 1st of July 2007
Dr. Mohammed Saleem Osman 10th of March 1999
Dr. Moustafa Tawfik Ibrahim Abdou 1st of December 2001
Dr. Muhammad Akram 8th of July 2004
Dr. Muhammad Haroon Ghous 1st of July 2004
Dr. Musa Oladimeji Suleiman 13th of December 2005
Dr. Niamh Maire Foley 18th of February 2010
Dr. Nicola Prunty 1st of July 2006
Dr. Nicola Jane Flynn 20th of June 2007
Dr. Nurul Azraa Nordin 14th of December 2009
Dr. Patricia Michelle Noelle Godfrey-Glynn 10th of November 2004
Dr. Patricia Pauline Devlin 1st of July 1980
Dr. Qadeer Hussain 1st of July 2003
Dr. Qasem A. M. Qasem 25th of April 2005
Dr. Rajiv Mrugank Merchant 25th of June 2010
Dr. Razia Sultana 29th of February 2008
Dr. Robert Joseph Landers 27th of July 1990
Dr. Saba Khan 27th of May 2010
Dr. Saleem Akhtar 13th of November 2009
Dr. Saleem Akthar Malik 28th of September 2012
Dr. Sean Padraig Hogan 14th of January 1999
Dr. Sean Patrick McBrinn 1st of July 1999
Dr. Shahid Akhtar Kazi 5th of March 2004
Dr. Shahriyar Khan 18th of May 2006
Dr. Shammaz Saeed 1st of January 2006
Dr. Sharon Ann O'Donnell 2nd of July 1993
Dr. Sinead Olivia Fitzpatrick 4th of July 2003
Dr. Stephanus Christiaan Venter 30th of January 2006
Dr. Su Yin Chan 16th of September 2010
Dr. Syed Irfan Ahmed 7th of January 2003
Dr. Talat Ara 20th of January 2006
Dr. Timothy Alphonsus O'Donovan 1st of July 1980
Dr. Tudor Jochen Sutton 26th of September 2002
Dr. Valentine Chukwuma Ugwu 5th of February 2009
Dr. Walter Ibar Patrick Shortle 1st of July 1980
Dr. Waqar Ahmed Khan 4th of September 2006
Dr. William Bartholomew Holland 11th of July 1988
Dr. William Rayment John Moore 1st of July 1980
Dr. Yvonne Theresa Kearney 1st of July 2003
Dr. Zaineb El Fatih Babikir Hamed 18th of May 2007
Dr. Zuhair Ali Issa Ali 1st of July 2008
Dr. Zuhair Tagedin Hajo Ahmed 1st of July 2006