Pharmacy in South Dublin County

County South Dublin County has 71 pharmacies located in Dublin 12, Dublin 14, Dublin 16 and smaller cities or towns. Majority of them is situated conveniently in proximity to hospitals and GPs' practices. Although medicines are the primary products provided by pharmacies, they do not exhaust the list of the various goods available for sale. Apart from medicines, which are often refundable or sold cheaply, these modern pharmacies offer also a wide range of cosmetics, hygenic products and medical equipment. Best qualified staff, professional pharmacists and technicians serve their clients with advice on the choice, use and best price of their purchases. Discounts and offering of more economic substitutes are not a rarity and the clients can always count on the staff's helpful and kind services. Majority of units are open all week long, some of them 24 hours per day. Apart from providing services for individual clients, the pharmacies' good renown is often confirmed by their cooperation with hospitals, GPs and specialists who fill their supplies there.


Pharmacies list in South Dublin County

name address
Finnstown Pharmacy Unit 4 Finnstown Centre, Lucan, Co. Dublin
Foley's Pharmacy Ballyowen Castle S. Centre, Lucan, Co. Dublin
Hermitage Medical Clinic Limited Hermitage Medical Clinic, Old Lucan Road, Dublin 20, Dublin 20
McCabe's Pharmacy Unit 6, Citywest Shopping Centre, Dublin 24
McCabe's Pharmacy Units 1 The Griffeen Centre, Lucan, Co. Dublin
Newcastle-Lyons Pharmacy Ltd Unit 4 Cornerpark, Newcastle, Co. Dublin
Pharmacy Department Peamount Hospital, Newcastle, Co. Dublin
Rathcoole Pharmacy Unit 1, Rathcoole Shopping Centre, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin
Reidy's Pharmacy Ltd Main Street, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin
Saggart Pharmacy 12 Slade Castle Court, Saggart, Co. Dublin