Pophams Road Pharmacy

Pophams Road Pharmacy can be found at 12 Pophams Road, Farranree, Co. Cork. The pharmacy phone number is 021 4396887. The Last known website address is http://public.thePSI.ie/?target=publicpharmacies&Mode=view&PublicPharmaciesId=12188. Among the HSE contracted pharmacies in the area, there are 61 within the radius of 5 km, 95 within 15 km and 143 within 30 km.
Alternate name: Phrose Management Limited
Registered address: 12 Pophams Road, Farranree, Co. Cork County: County Cork City: Cork Suburb: Farranree Road: Pophams Road
Latitude: 51°54' 53.46" N Longitude: -8°28' 45.66" W
Phone: 021 4396887 Website:


Source: hse.ie