Doctors in Offaly county

Doctors in Offaly

name speciality registration date
Dr. Abdel Karim Hashim Mohamed 23rd of March 2007
Dr. Adnan Mehraj 10th of October 2003
Dr. Anthony Edward Mary Keane 1st of July 1980
Dr. Asadullah Khan 14th of June 2004
Dr. Ashraf Amin Tawfik Awadalla 5th of March 2001
Dr. Avril Murphy 2nd of July 2007
Dr. Bernadette Brady 1st of July 2007
Dr. Brian Anthony Emerson 1st of July 1980
Dr. Caroline Maria Forkin 1st of July 1995
Dr. Chin Yaow Then 23rd of December 2009
Dr. Claire Anne Joyce 1st of July 2002
Dr. Clara Emilia Antonio Micael Barreto 9th of June 2008
Dr. Donal Paul Sheehan 27th of January 1993
Dr. Douglas Fredrik Hugo Hamilton 4th of July 1994
Dr. Eamon Lee 7th of July 2011
Dr. Faham Ahmed 18th of March 2011
Dr. Farooq Butt 1st of July 1997
Dr. Gabriel Stephen Murphy 22nd of November 2006
Dr. Galal Ahmed El Nour Ahmed 15th of May 2012
Dr. Gerard James Fitzmaurice 26th of February 2009
Dr. Gerard Martin Crotty 9th of July 1987
Dr. Ghulam Mohy Ud Din Khan 21st of March 2003
Dr. Isabelle Maeve Fallon 1st of July 2006
Dr. Izz Eldin M Elamin Ahmed Mohamed 30th of June 2004
Dr. Jameel Ahmed Awan 18th of March 2008
Dr. James Anthony Xavier Dooley 30th of April 1981
Dr. Jawad Aleem Chaudhry 8th of August 2006
Dr. John Veitch 7th of July 2011
Dr. John Alexander Corboy 1st of July 1980
Dr. John Gerard Tedders 1st of July 1980
Dr. Justin Martin Chamberlain 14th of December 2009
Dr. Kathleen Veronica Dunne 23rd of July 2001
Dr. Kawther Ali Ahmed Mohd. Babiker 3rd of June 2011
Dr. Khalid Asghar 19th of June 1995
Dr. Kishore Kumar 1st of July 2001
Dr. Kyran Noel Bulger 27th of October 2005
Dr. Laura Mary Noone 1st of July 1999
Dr. Mahjabeen Zahid 23rd of May 2013
Dr. Mary Josephine O'Kelly 1st of July 1980
Dr. Mary Theresa Mullally 1st of July 1985
Dr. Michael Francis Fahey 1st of July 1989
Dr. Mohamed Khalil Osman Khalil 15th of July 2011
Dr. Muhammad Arshad Memon 23rd of November 2004
Dr. Muireann Margaret Leonard 14th of December 2009
Dr. Murad Ali 23rd of November 2011
Dr. Niall Anthony O'Brien 1st of July 2005
Dr. Osama Ismail Md Abd El Salam 5th of May 2004
Dr. Patricia Mary Garry 3rd of July 1987
Dr. Patrick Jeremiah Murphy 22nd of April 1993
Dr. Philip Brady 1st of July 1980
Dr. Prabhjot Singh Cheema 14th of September 2011
Dr. Ramadan Hassan Hawi 29th of February 2012
Dr. Reginald Ebereawujo Soribe 14th of July 2005
Dr. Ronan Anthony Murray 1st of July 2003
Dr. Saadat Javed Barlas 8th of December 1999
Dr. Sameer Ahmed Khan 1st of July 2005
Dr. Samir Morad 8th of October 2007
Dr. Sardar Ullah 3rd of May 2005
Dr. Sarfraz Hussain 19th of April 2004
Dr. Sarwat Khan 3rd of August 2011
Dr. Seamus Cooney 1st of July 1983
Dr. S. Farhat Abbas 1st of January 2004
Dr. Shakeel Hussain 1st of July 2004
Dr. Shama Khan 1st of March 2009
Dr. Sofia Malik 21st of December 2006
Dr. Sudha M. 12th of November 2008
Dr. Tahir Hussain 17th of August 2004
Dr. Umer Cheema 26th of June 2012